The concern of human beings by their physical beauty and physical perfection, generate feelings of self- esteem and comes from very ancient times, now, modern plastic surgery makes your physical appearance improves, that will change your life and making you feel the age you want. The procedures to recover the youthful appearance of your face depend on a careful facial study that is associated with proportionality and the harmony of facial structure, which may vary according to the area that needed improvement.

Nose surgery (rhinoplasty)

narizIs one of the most common procedures in plastic surgery and together with the increase or decrease in the chin is one of the surgeries that more refined face. The rhinoplasty can reduce or increase the size of your nose, change the shape of the tip of the nose or nose width at the bridge, sharpen the opening of the nostrils or change the angle between the nose and upper lip. Surgery of the nose may also correct birth defect, injury and impaired breathing caused by structural abnormalities in the nose. This procedure also requires knowledge of the technique, a precise and correct facial evaluation and a surgeon trained and experienced in this procedures.

Facelift (rhytidectomy)

liftingThis term is used to call the surgical procedures that seek to improve the appearance of the face and neck. A facelift is designed to correct the signs of aging like loose skin, excess fatty deposits under the chin and jaw, fat that has fallen and loss of muscle tone. The purpose is give the person a more youthful face, rested appearance with uplifted contours and improved tone in facial skin and underlying muscle. The incisions or scars are hidden within the hairline, above the temple and continue along or just inside the ear, ending behind the ear. This allows access to tighten underlying tissue, remove excess fat and reduce sagging skin.

Eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty)

parpadosLoose or sagging skin, excess fatty deposits in the upper eyelids and bags under the eyes produces a false appearance of fatigue, anger, drowsiness, sadness and woman’s makeup doesn’t stay in the eyelids the time expected. The aim of this surgery is to improve the appearance and shape of the upper and lower eyelids, giving a rejuvenated appearance to the surrounding area of your eyes, making you look more rested and alert. In some patients also must include the raising of the eyebrows (Transendoscopic). The incision lines for eyelid surgery are designed for scars to be well concealed within the natural structures of the eyelid region.